Pneumatics is the science of air and other gases at rest and in motion, specially under pressure, and application of that knowledge in design and control of machines. Practically vacuum elements and systems operating with positive air pressure are within the scope of pneumatics.

The main advantages of pneumatic systems are:

1. Air, the main energy source of pneumatics, can be infinitely obtained from the atmosphere

2. Air is not a pollutant, so the pneumatic systems are environmentally friendly

3. Speed ​​and force can be adjusted

4. Compressed air can be transported for long distances

5. Pneumatic elements are generally simple and inexpensive

6. High speeds can be achieved

7. Safe against overloading

8. There is no danger for the compressed air to ignite

With our wide range of brand and products and our engineering know-how, we aim to provide solutions regarding your needs in pneumatic systems. We in particular provide solutions in automotive, food, textiles, health and medicine, and packaging industries.

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